Things To Consider When Purchasing A Patio Umbrella

If you are on the lookout for a patio umbrella to spruce that boring and bare backyard of yours, you might have some questions as to what is the perfect patio umbrella for you. You might be surprised that there are a lot of patio umbrellas to choose from that if you are not decided on what kind you like, you might feel confused as to which one is better.

Of course, you could ask the recommendations of a trusty salesman for this, but it is better to be prepared and to have an idea of what patio umbrella is suited for your space and need.

Pole And Frame Material

Chances are you already have an idea what type of patio umbrella you want. You might have seen one that’s to your liking when you are vacationing at an out of town resort or when you had coffee and sat outside. Pole and frame material used for patio umbrellas differ on where they would be used. Wood is often used in beach resorts to give that relaxed look and feel and to match other umbrellas and hospitality furniture such as wooden lounge chairs.

Metal is often used in patio umbrellas for coffee shops, cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating. Beach resorts don’t use them because the metal is still vulnerable to saltwater environment no matter how much they are treated to be non-corrosive. Fiberglass is a perfect choice since it is able to withstand any weather conditions. Although pricier, this is the reason why homeowners opt for this. You could also see patio umbrellas made out of fiberglass on show home models by realtors.


Patio umbrellas come in various shapes such as round, square and rectangular. The shape does not affect the functionality of the patio umbrella that much. It is mostly for aesthetic purposes or whatever shape could fit the space. If you have a small space, opt for the round and square shaped patio umbrella. But if you have a bigger space and you would use the patio umbrella to entertain a lot of guests most of the time, choose the rectangular-shaped to provide shade to more people.

Canopy Fabric

As for the canopy fabric, one of the considerations should be that it is durable and would not fade easily. Acrylic is durable and is fade resistant. It is also mildew and water resistant and is easy to clean. Polyester on the other hand is cheaper compared to acrylic and with the same characteristics. The major difference though is that it fades easily in comparison to acrylic. If you want a fabric that is ecofriendly and recyclable, choose Olefin. It is also cheaper than Acrylic and Polyester although warranty offered for patio umbrellas made out of Olefin is only two years compared to 5 years for Acrylic and 4 years for Polyester.

These are just some of the factors that you must consider when buying patio umbrellas. You could also choose whether you want the base to be fixed or mobile, additional features for your umbrella to tilt or swivel and additional accessories such as fixed in lights, built-in Bluetooth speaker and heaters.

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