Perfect Family Activities for This Festive Season

If you’re looking for some family-bonding activities to get started on during your holidays, here’s a list of indoor and outdoor deeds that will keep you and the young ones occupied this season!

Binging Christmas Movies

Is it really the season of spreading good cheer (and laziness) if you don’t spend your afternoons or nights enjoying a few classic Xmas movies? This can be a great family bonding session, and you can allow each family member to take turns at picking a movie.

Baking Cookies

Christmas-themed cookies are a must during the month of December, and a good tradition to pass down to your kids. You can always delegate duties- the younger kids get to add ingredients that you’ve measured and perhaps be allowed to decorate the cookies as wildly and messily as they want. The older kids will help you as you see fit.

Wreath Making

If you can gather materials from your environment to make a wreath, then great! But if not, your local store will do just fine. All you need are branches, pinecones, small Christmas ornaments and bows. So, you don’t really have to head down to the store, you can easily snip a few branches off your tree (if it can make do without) and use some of your decorations for this wreath! To make it, simply use foam or a metal wire moulded into the shape of a ring, then attach your branches and add your other decorations around it.

Family Pictures

Christmas family pictures are another tradition you can pass down to your kids and it also makes for a great sentimental present for your partner. Choose wisely with Picture Framers Melbourne so you can personalize and pick out the perfect frame to make this a moment worthy of a lifetime in your family home. Hopefully, it will even be passed down to your kids!

Festival Touring

The Christmas festivals and markets should not be missed and are bound to get your children bouncing up and down in excitement! There will definitely be something set up in your area so head out and explore the pretty sights around you. It only happens once a year, after all!

Give Back

In the true spirit of Christmas, teach your children the importance of giving back. You can donate clothing items, toys, books etc. Or you could even head down for some community service as a family and serve out food to the needy. There is no better way to teach your children to both value what they have and appreciate volunteering.

Plan a visit to your Department Store Santa

This activity is just for the young ones but it’s a tradition you have to go through with as a family while they’re still small enough to believe in the magic of Christmas!

These are just a few activities for you and your family but remember, it’s a beautiful, festive season so make sure to make the most of every simple moment with your family and capture everything so you can always look back and laugh.

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