Misconceptions You May Have About Butter

All of us want to be healthy. If it is possible for us to be healthy without changing anything in our diet and or without exercising, everybody will be happy. Sadly, that is not the case. For us to be healthy, we need to watch out for what we eat since this has a big effect on our health.

Eating healthily is quite easy and we don’t need to follow every fad and popular dieting trend to be in a good physical state. Sometimes, following the trend would only confuse us more and these diet fads are not always applicable to everyone. Just eat healthy food and regularly exercise and you’d feel better.

Eating healthy food does not mean all you will eat are bland and or tasteless food and if you love using butter for your food and you are trying to eat healthily, you don’t need to avoid it because saying it is unhealthy is one of the misconceptions about it.

Butter Vs. Margarine

There has always been a debate regarding butter and margarine. People think that margarine is healthier than butter and to use it instead. But, if you purchase dairy soft butter, choose one that is from grass fed cows or anything organic. You should not avoid butter because saturated fats or healthy fats are still essential for good health.

Butter Is Only Calories and Fat

Yes, butter is high in fat and calories but it is also a good source of vitamins and nutrients. We could get Vitamin A from butter which is essential for healthy skin, for good eyesight and a stronger immune system. Vitamin E is also present in butter which is an antioxidant and is good for the heart. Nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin and niacin are also present albeit in measly quantity.

Butter Is Bad for Cholesterol Level

Technically this is true but there are two kinds of cholesterol, the good and the bad. Butter is okay for raising good cholesterol levels but it is still alarming when taken by someone with high bad cholesterol level. If you already have a high cholesterol level, staying away from butter would be a wise decision.

Butter Makes You Fat

This misconception is understandable since butter is high in fat and calories. But the truth is, butter actually helps in managing your weight since the fatty acids in butter is directly absorbed by our body and converted into energy.

Butter also has iodine that our body needs for our thyroid gland that produces the hormones for our metabolism. Fortunately, it is easy for our body to process iodine. Since our body does not produce iodine, we need to get it from our diet. So, eating butter and other dairy products are not always bad.

In spite of these debunked myths, eating in moderation is always the key. A tablespoon of butter a day is fine especially if other sources of saturated fats are already present in your diet such as meat, poultry, eggs and another source of dairy.


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