Fun Ways to Add Acai in Your Diet

Acai berry, also known as the Brazilian superfruit, is popular worldwide for its numerous health benefits. Aside from that, this tiny berry is also densely packed with vitamins and nutrients that are essential to keep our body healthy. When taken regularly, it is known to produce positive effects on some common health issues such as weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, and even depression. These berries are naturally eaten fresh in its natural form.

However, because of its short shelf life, it is not available as fresh fruit in other regions especially outside South America. To make it last longer, acai berries are processed into purees, capsules, or even into powder to make them last longer in the market. Incorporating acai into your diet doesn’t need to be boring whether you’re only having the processed forms. Here are some of the fun preparations you could do to add acai into your diet.

Acai Oatmeal

If you’re lucky to have the fresh berries, one of the best things to do with them aside from eating them fresh is to add them into oatmeal. You can mix them with other berries and fruits such as apples or bananas for more healthy goodness. If you don’t have the berries though, you can simply add acai powder Australia into your oatmeal for an added nutrient and antioxidant boost. A teaspoon is good enough for a bowl but you can still add more depending on your preferences.

Acai Energy Bites

If you love making healthy snacks such as homemade energy bites, acai berry is one of the best ingredients you should try too. There’s no need to look for fresh berries to use in this recipe since the powder form is easier to blend in. You may also add other nutritious ingredients such as spirulina or goji berries for an added boost in nutrient content. Acai definitely makes every bite of your energy bars have a subtle fruity taste.

Acai Bowl

If you’re not new to acai, then this one is just a common recipe for you. Acai bowls are easy to prepare. Simply put thawed acai puree in a blender together with other healthy ingredients such as oats, banana, milk and even protein powder. Blend them until you get a smooth and thick mixture. Acai bowls are perfect for breakfast since it contains a lot of nutrients you need to start the day. You can enjoy them plain but most people top them with berries, slices of fruit, chia seeds, flax seeds, and other toppings you prefer.

Acai Smoothie

One of the easiest and most popular ways to enjoy the goodness of acai is to make an acai smoothie. You can go for plain acai-flavoured one or mix them with other flavours. Simply add a teaspoon or two of acai powder into your smoothie for an extra boost in nutrients and antioxidants in every sip.

There are so many interesting ways to incorporate acai into your diet. Try one of these recipes and experience the goodness of acai in your food.


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