Essential Tools for Home Brewing Great Beer

Home brewing is one common hobby especially by those who love beer. It is inexpensive yet fun and can be done even if you have a small space at home. Most people find themselves getting deeper into this hobby and search for more ways on how to refine the entire process to create better beer.

If you’re still starting out, there’s no need to worry because there are lots of home brewing resources out there – from equipment, tools, recipes and ingredients. Aside from the internet, you may also visit home brewing shops for all your brewing needs. Australian Home Brewing is one of the pioneers in home brewing business and they only offer the best quality of services and products to make your brew day perfect. Here are the essential things you should prepare to start your brewing hobby.

Wort Chiller

Most brewing starter kits include a wort chiller. However, if yours doesn’t have then it is one if the first few things you must add to your brewing toolkit. A wort chiller cools down the wort at the quickest time possible. The cooling process should be done as fast as possible to avoid or lessen bacterial contamination from the surrounding air. You can choose from stainless steel or copper wort chillers. Most brewers prefer and recommend copper ones because aside from being cheaper, it is also a good heat conductor making cooling time shorter.

Auto Siphon

Another important tool to make your brewing a lot easier is an auto siphon tool. After fermentation, you can easily transfer the beer into another container using this pump-like tool. It’s really simple plus you can be assured that no precipitates get into the transferred fluid. Make sure to cool down the brew before using this tool because too much heat can damage the inner part of the tube.

Digital Thermometer

Whether you’re baking, cooking or brewing, it is important to buy higher end thermometers to be assured that the reading is accurate. Temperature is important in brewing and you definitely need this tool to check it. There are plenty of styles and brands to choose from but it is still best to pick a simple looking one so there are no distractions while doing a reading.

Digital Timers

Timing is important when brewing. Brewers time almost every step in the brewing process. While there are already lots of brewing apps today, it would still be great to have a trusty digital timer by your side while brewing. Simply set the timer, attach it somewhere safe and you are free to do other activities while waiting for the alarm.

pH Strips

Keeping track and maintaining the pH level of the mash is important because certain enzymes only work on specific pH ranges. For starters, you can use pH strips to monitor pH level of the mash. But it is still best to upgrade into a pH meter later on for faster and more accurate reading.

Make every brew day fun and convenient by preparing these essential tools and equipment.

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