Essential Tools for Breadmaking

Nothing beats a delicious fresh loaf of bread – especially when you made it by yourself. Breadmaking is a lot different than baking not just in tools and equipment but also on the processes involved. Baking bread is really a fun and satisfying experience that doesn’t require much equipment to do it.

If you’re planning to try out breadmaking for the first time, there are some things that you need to know first. Here, we will start out with the basic tools you’ll need to bake fresh and delicious bread you’ll surely love.

Mixing Tub

Just like when baking cakes, you’ll definitely need a container where you can mix that dough. Traditionally, bread makers use wooden troughs to mix their dough. Today, plastic bowls and tubs are what people commonly use because they are easy to find. When choosing a mixing tub for your dough, pick one that you can see through. With this feature, you can easily monitor the rising of the dough to get it at its perfect time.

Bench Knife

A bench knife is one of the important and versatile tools used for making bread. After fermenting the dough, you can use this to cut or divide it. A bench knife can also be used in pre-shaping bread loaves and scraping some stuck dough off a baking surface.

Proofing Basket

A good proofing basket is every bread maker’s best friend. Whether they’re wicker or banneton baskets, using them is one of the secrets to making perfect looking bread loaves. This baking tool is where you place the dough to rest and rise before placing it into the oven for baking. Aside from that, it also gives your loaves the banneton mark which is a unique look you can only see on artisan breads. You can either line it with linen or just plain dusting it with flour.

Loaf Pan

After proofing the dough, you need a container to transfer it for baking. It is not recommended to cook bread in a proofing basket. This is when a good loaf pan comes in handy. It gives support to the dough as it cooks and gives it a lovely loaf form for perfectly shaped bread.

Weighing Scale

Weighing ingredients is important in baking. If you’re aiming for the perfect bread, be sure to mix in the right amount of ingredients especially the dry ones. Measuring dry ingredients using measuring cups will end you having different ratio of ingredients. It may sound challenging at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that weighing ingredients is a lot easier than what you think.


Before putting the dough into the oven, you’ll need to slash over its surface as a finishing touch. Aside from adding beauty to cooked bread, it also lets the flavours out especially when your bread has fillings.

Before starting your breadmaking journey, be sure to have these basic items first. When you do, you’ll definitely have perfect artisan bread you’re aiming for.

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