Easy and Fun Summer Styling Tips for Men

Summer time calls for a wardrobe refresher for both men and women. For women, summer time is easy, smaller cute outfits with coloured flowery prints and a pair of flip flops to complete pretty much every outfit. However, for men this is not so simple. They can’t simply switch to shorter clothes and throw those shoes away and replace them with flip flops. No, they have to maintain their image and style themselves carefully to look good whilst not losing what they actually look and feel like. Here are a few styling tips for men to try during the summer time heat.

Lose the Heavy Suits

Whether it be an official meeting or an important event that requires you to wear a formal suit, avoid wearing the heavy suit that gives you the manly look and feel. Instead of looking out of place by wearing a heavy suit that does not match the season, replace it with cooler lighter suits made from materials like linen. Linen suits still scream stylish and professional and help you maintain the decorum of an event or meeting whilst keeping you comfortable and in tune with the season. When choosing these suits make sure to choose lighter colours that are easier on the eyes on a warm day such as a light beige.

Summer Staples That Go With Everything

When summer arrives and you are giving your wardrobe a makeover, make sure to stock it with plenty of the basic staples such plain colored t-shirts, skinnies, and arm cuts. You can even get singlets for mens online. These should be the fundamentals in your wardrobe, this is so because you can style them with pretty much any type of clothing. For example a plain white T-shirt would look stylish with a plain or even printed short, simple yet stylish. You would be very thankful for having stocked your wardrobe with those arm cuts on a hot day at the beach or simply on a hot day.

Sunglasses That Give You an Edgy Look

Sunglasses are a basic necessity for summer time. Instead of using the same pair from the cold winter time or even just using your old regular pair of sunglasses, invest in a good pair of sunglasses that have a bold look and feel to the kit. A pair of sunglasses that go with every outfit whilst enhancing that masculinity giving you an edgy look. Sunglasses with any outfit immediately give you a very stylish look and make you feel and look ten times better. So invest in a good pair of sunnies because they will not go to waste.

Shoes! The Final Touch to Your Outfit

Ditch those heavy work shoes and grab a pair of light and comfy sneakers. Now when I mean sneakers I don’t mean the teenage fun sneakers with cartoon characters printed on them. When I mean sneakers I mean the ones that hold a certain level of sophistication yet comfort for all those stylish men out there. A nice pair of brown loafers is also a good investment to have in your shoe wardrobe. A pair of loafers can be worn with pretty much any outfit, with it comes comfort and style.

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